No Bandwidth-transmit info shown in main web page

  • Hi,
    we are using fog 1.2 on ubuntu. It’s working quite good but we don’t get any bandwidth/transmit info in main page. The graph is empty. Is that because that feature is not ready yet?

    Thanks and regards.

    UPC - Terrassa(Barcelona)

  • Thanks Tom. I guess you fix it in last builds. I am going to try it.

  • Senior Developer

    it was broken in SVN for quite a while. The only time it “worked” was if the server happened to be the same as the node the information was coming from. I’ve since fixed it in svn and all seems to operate properly for the selected node in the disk space, you’ll see the bandwidth of the particular node in question. You’ll also see the activity graph and diskspace automatically update for the relevant node as well, ultimately meaning, you don’t need the fog server listed as your main group or node.

  • Goog morning,
    any answers please?

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