Fog Auto quick register with specified name

  • Hello forum members,

    I have a question we use fog 1.2.0 installed on a Ubuntu 14.04 virtual (Xenserver).

    Now sometimes we got alot of Dell laptops, fujitsu siemens, and other brands

    for example we got 100 Fujitsu siemens and i want auto register to fog. but i dont wanna give them at that point a generic number but a name like: Fujitsu Siemens - (number)

    is this possible?

  • Yes it is possible , no it is not a plugin. Fog configuration-> fog settings -> quick reg settings I think

  • so for example if i enable the quick reg autopop (i think this is a plugin?) i can edit a option for auto name the hosts like

    Fs- 001 … ect ect
    Dell - 001 … ect ect

    it would be really nice if this can be done, and where can i find those settings

  • It is possible. Its called quick reg autopop. You can’t name as you describe as windows is limited to 15 characters but it is possible.