Fog client authentification on network share

  • Hello there,

    i’ve got a question about fog client account:

    everything is working very well by default (ie, clone, restore, join the domain, local snapin etc).

    But … if i make a snapin who need to access to a network share (samba in our case), fog client need to use a domain account to access to the files.

    If i update fog user account’s service under windows with a domain admin account, everything is working.

    Unfortunately, if i make a new image with theses settings (fog client user modification), the computer is not able to join the domain anymore (seems logic cause fog client is trying to run with an unknown user).

    Is there a workaround for this ?

  • I’m not a big fan of the username and password in scripts either, but then I discovered a command to make the script delete itself and its containing directory at the end of the script. Just add this to the end
    cd …
    rmdir .\dir /S /Q & exit

    or to delete just the script try this
    del /f/q “%~0” | exit

    Hope that helps

  • Indeed, it’ll make the job.

    Btw, i was trying to avoid to use a username and his password in the script.

    Not sure there’s an another solution ;(.

  • You may need to tell that portion of your script to use a specified username and password combo.

    In windows you can do it as such:
    [code]net use * \sharename\path PASSWORDOFUSER domain\username[/code]

  • Hello Tom, thank you for your answer.
    In fact, i want to be able to restore a client computer, join the domain and deploy an antivirus software which is located on a remote smb share.

    By default on a windows client, fog’s service is running under the local user HOSTNAME\System and Fog server got the configuration needed to join this computer on the domain (with DOMAIN\my_user account).

    Restore and joinning the domain are working fine, but unfortunately, it seems that fog service account (HOSTNAME\System) on the client computer is used to access to the remote samba share which is managed by a Ldap authentification process.

    Thus, the snapin fails cause samba is rejecting the authentification.

  • I don’t understand. You mean a “fog” domain account? That’s totally up to you. Most people have a domain account user.

    What Version of fog are you referring to? Samba works differently, yet similar, to AD Network shares. So the same principles can be applied, but if you’re not connecting the system to a domain (Samba or Active Directory) Then I would think the issue lies in the username being used for that snapin. If the host is connected to the domain, the username works because it authenticates with DOMAIN\Username, but if it’s not connected to the domain it’s trying to connect as COMPUTERNAME\Username. Seeing as your samba share doesn’t have a record for COMPUTERNAME\Username, the authentication fails.