• It would be great if in the image definition page you could include a check box to prevent an “accidental” image deletion.

    This check box would execute a “chattr +i” on the image directory, so nobody could delete it unless he unchecks the checkbox.

    I hope I made myself clear enough 😉

  • Thanks Tom,

    That should be more than enough to reduce human errors and save some precious time to all of us.


  • SVN 2268 has a protection layer added to the DB and relevant files.

    I’m sure I missed something, but this should suffice.

    As I said before, command line methods will still allow deletion of your images, but from a GUI perspective, if the protection flag is set, the Image Cannot be deleted, nor can it be uploaded over.

    Hopefully this gets the affect you, and I’m sure many others, want/need.

  • This feature has been requested on multiple occasions. While I see it’s usefulness, I fear that many people would become confused as to how chattr works.

    While coding such a feature as this is relatively easy, it’s also (I think), simpler to just rely upon database values. While it may not keep people from using the command line to delete files, a DB value that simply states whether or not an image can be deleted/uploaded, I think is much easier to implement that trying to have tags that execute linux commands.