• i did fist an image x and i deployed it on 3 pc’s - worked perfect than i did an image y and i deployed it on 16 pct’s -worked perfect

    after one month i logged in and my image y is no where to find and my 16 registred hosts dispaeared too. image x and the first 3 registred host are still there

    can someone tell me how and why can this happen ? or if i can recove anyhow my image y ?


  • Hey ! Thanks for Answer !

    I found the problem… i am so stupid sometimes…
    so the problem was that i started running fog on a test server and one day i installed win 8 on my laptop …logged in as administrator…installed vmwareworkstation and imported my fog in my workstation… i worked with it a while and then i checked that i can’t use my apps if i am logged on as administrator so i create a user and then i imported again the fog in my workstation… but i imported the old fog not a newer version with my new images on it…

    well… thanks again !

  • Sounds to me like somebody may have logged in and deleted Image y, and/or possibly deleted the 16 hosts?

    FOG doesn’t do any clean up tasks on it’s own. So it’s nothing FOG is doing.