Does FOG 1.2.0 not support LVMs? :( :( :(

  • Does FOG 1.2.0 not support LVMs? Because if it doesnt, it will break my heart.

  • Tom, first, thank you so so much for the work you do on the FOG project. I have been a fan for many many years. I thought that LVM support had been achieved in this latest release. So my heart is broken, but its cool. Fog is still a great product and hopefully one day LVM support will be included. I can only hope to one day contribute like you do. Thanks again!

  • Senior Developer

    LVM is not supported. EXT4 is supported.

    LVM is not supported because LVM is a Volume Management system. This means it can contain any number of partitions and/or disks as a single part of a disk. While I could include support to load LVM as it’s own filesystem/disk, it would greatly increase the size of the init and make trouble shooting very very difficult. If you’re willing to take the plunge and build a custom init and setup the scripts to do the work for you, be my guest. If you get a working prototype, post the diff’s of the files here and what’s needed and I will generally try to include it in SVN. I do think we should have lvm, just haven’t the time or patience to go thru all the work myself.

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