Multicasts only work one time, after that database cleanup is needed.

  • I have an Ubuntu 10.04 Server VM i created begining of this year for our trainers with FOG 0.32.
    Last week i updated it to 1.2.0 and it works like a charm, we love a lot of the new features.

    There is only one issue, when we do a multicast it works the first time, when we try to do a second multicast the hosts keep waiting on the “[URL=‘’][U][COLOR=#0066cc]Starting to restore image (-) to device (/dev/sda1)[/COLOR][/U][/URL]” part.

    We can fix this by running the following commands found elsewhere on this forum.

    mysql -u root [ -p #only if you have a mysql password ] fog
    truncate table multicastSessions;
    truncate table multicastSessionsAssoc;
    delete from tasks where taskTypeID=‘8’;
    sudo service FOGMulticastManager restart

    The thing it that we have to do this after every multicast to clean up the database, somehow it does not clean up the tasks.

    Is there something I can check on my VM?

  • Developer

    if i am correct about it being fixed, then it is in the svn, yes

  • Thanks you for the feedback Junkhacker.
    Is that fix included in the current SVN version? If so i would be happy to try it.

  • Developer

    i have not been involved in working on this issue, but i think we have a fix in place for the next release