• [U][B]Install:[/B][/U]
    FOG Project 1.2.0 (svn2230)

    [U][B]FOG Configuration:[/B][/U]
    PXE Boot Menu = Menu Timeout = 30 (default=3)
    FOG Settings
    FOG Boot Settings
    = FOG_PIGZ_COMP = 3 (default=9)
    FOG View Settings
    = FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN = LIST (default=search)
    General Settings
    = FOG_FORMAT_FLAG_IN_GUI = selected (default=not)
    Login Settings
    = FOG_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT = 4 (default=1)

    Repair MySQL crashing out one minute after restart
    vim /etc/rc.local
    insert new line at line 14 : service mysql restart


    Everything appears to be working hunky dory … but PartClone exhibits a strange behaviour when uploading.

    It runs, then it runs again (Calculating Bitmap Process, then upload, then both again for each partition), doubling the upload time. The final uploaded image is fine.

    The upload files are generated in /images/dev/<1234567890123456>

    When it’s complete, the partition file it just created is erased when it restarts the partition upload.

    I have reproduced this on:

    1. a physical machine with a Win7 image, no hidden system partition (a single 120 GiB partition on the HDD); uploaded as a Multiple Partition (not resizable).

    2. a Hyper-V 2012 virtual Windows 8.1.1 image; with the normal hidden system partition and an OS boot partition.; uploaded as a Multiple Partition (not resizable).

    In both cases, PartClone performed the entire process (Calculating Bitmap Process, then upload) for each partition, twice.

    Deploying with PartClone is not an issue.

  • Go Team Venture!

    PartClone is uploading as it should now with svn2250. Thank you very much.

    Now to convert my image library from PartImage to PartClone.

  • This should now be fixed in 2250.

  • [quote=“Albatros, post: 36044, member: 16710”]I can confirm this strange behavior with the latest revision 2249, too.[/quote]

    I would love to get to the bottom of this.

    Is there any possibility of elongating the upload process by performing an upload/debug task? If you’re updated to 2249, this is easier than ever too. You simply click the checkbox to make it a debug task on deploy. No more need to do it through advanced tasks.

  • I can confirm this strange behavior with the latest revision 2249, too.