Partclone "Mounted /dev/sda1" then "error exit"

  • When I am trying to push down an image on a machine I am brought to the Partclone screen. After hanging there for a few seconds it shows “error exit” and then restarts the client.

    I am running FOG 1.2.0
    Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty)

  • Thanks for the response, i did find other post, sorry for this one. Which one should i comment on ? Fixparst showing that the created size for the partition to deploy on is wrong sized.

  • Or maybe follow some of the other threads describing similar issues. There is a known problem with Windows XP/Windows Vista imaging on 1.2.0. I’ve been working on approaches on how to take care of these problems already.

  • And maybe if you would change the topic title to deploy problem, we should get a response ?

  • Is there a way to modify the fog scripcts : , etc. on the server ? Or its in the bzimage?

  • Hello !

    I posted about the same thing like a week ago. :

    I’m using fog 1.2.0. I can upload/download images ( Windows XP ) with Raw Image (Sector By Sector, DD, Slow). Hard drives has only one partition. I can upload with Single Disk - Resizable. I have problems with Download/Deploy Single Disk - Resizable. When i try debug deploy, and start “fog” script, partclone starts, but it exits, and after next Enter Error message is : “error: /dev/sda1: No such file or directory * Not expanding (/dev/sda1 imager)…Done” its at the bottom of the screen. I tried debug mode, and manual deploy, its working with : cat /images/a5 | gunzip -d -c | partclone.restore -O /dev/sda1 -N -f 1

    With manual deploy i used fdisk -c=dos to create partition with start sector 63. Don’t know if it makes any difference.

    You can try :


    I think i narrowed my problem with :

    image_1 is a hard drive image ( Windows XP, Resizable ), which can be deployed to other computer with hard drives, but can NOT be deployed to SSD

    image_2 is an SSD image ( Windows XP, Resizable ), which can NOT be deployed to other hard drives or SSD

  • I am having the same problem. Running Fog version 1.2. This is a windows XP image, not syspreped. The image is about 5 gig in size. This is older hardware (gateway m405). It seems to start the imaging but errors out “error exit”, I have noticed that it removes the existing partition, but doesn’t create the new one from the image.

    Does anyone have a solution? Quillcje, was you able to resolve the problem?