Setting up fog on small network

  • Hello all, i am new to FOG. i was hopping i could get some help with this.

    i probably should have searched more for information about this before creating a new thread and i am sorry. but i am short on time and could really use the help.

    so i have installed FOG 1.1.2 on ubuntu 14.04

    i am looking to just set it up to image multiple PC’s over a switch. no DHCP or DNS server. i found the tutorial on how to install FOG on a small network. and i have done that. however when i am trying to PXE boot with the PC, it does not pull from the FOG server as it should.
    what am i doing wrong here? i want to be able to upload an image from a pc to the server, and then do multiple images down to PC’s.

    thank you all for any help that can be provided.

  • thank you. so it looks like there was a duplicate DHCP running. we found it and stopped it. now it works. thank you.

    also fixed the tftp ARP Time out that was occurring.

    so far this is fixed. I just need to get the image to upload correctly.

  • If this can help, here are my conf even if FOG should have doe it itself during install :


    use-host-decl-names on;
    ddns-update-style interim;
    ignore client-updates;

    subnet netmask {
    interface eth1;
    option subnet-mask;
    range dynamic-bootp;
    default-lease-time 21600;
    max-lease-time 43200;
    option domain-name-servers;
    option routers;
    filename “undionly.kpxe”;
    auto eth1
    iface eth1 inet static

  • As i did this only once and one month ago and all worked fine,
    maybe i’ll say ask or say things but i hope this would at least helpa bit to find what is not working.

    Are you sure that you don’t have an other DHCP on your network ?
    How your PC’s IP are configured then ? Are they all done manually ? Do you get IP from FOG DHCP under OS ?
    Is your FOG IP configuration is set as static ?

  • ok so looking more into this on the site, I am still not finding the answer I am looking for.

    I am trying to set up the fog server as the DHCP server. which throug the instructions I did. however the computer times out during PXE boot when looking for DHCP.

    what setting do I have incorrect? or am I missing?

    thank you for any help