• I have seen a few other posts on this issue, but I didn’t see anything in them that answered my questions. I am not able to run multicasting on my FOG server. I first tried multicasting 2 computers and it just sat on the following screen: [IMG]http://fogproject.org/forum/attachments/multicast-png.1159/[/IMG]

    It just sits there, even after all computers have connected. After reading some old threads, I tried to multicast with just one computer, but it did the same thing. Uni-casting 2 computers at once works, but when I get up to 30 computers, that will take a lot longer and a lot more resources. Unfortunately, I am not very good with Linux-based systems, so I will probably have to be walked through all solutions. Thanks so much in advance!


  • Thank you soooooo much!!! That is all that it took. I ran the commands and then restarted the clients, and they started right away. I can’t tell you how much this helps me. We have to have over 40 computer imaged and handed out by September 1, and we were about to loose our minds. We lost our licensing for Norton Ghost, which we hated anyway, so we started to look at Fog. Now that it is working, we can start imaging on Monday! Thanks!

  • On your fog server, can you try:
    [code]sudo service FOGMulticastManager stop
    sudo service FOGMulticastManager start[/code]