• All,

    I just wanted to give a little bit of information.

    I know I’ve been kind of “out of the loop” for almost two weeks. I did try to check-in every now and again to show that I’m still dedicated to the project. However, my wife and I purchased a new house and we’ve been moving into it. This is why I’ve not been on the forums as often as I’m sure many of you are used to.

    As we finally start to settle into our new house, I can get back to being dedicated here, but it may take a little bit. We’re unpacking and things are starting to settle down at the new house, but if I’m not responsive quickly enough or on as often as you’re usually used to, this is likely the cause. I’ve got projects to do and maintenance to prepare for our first winter in the new house.

    Hopefully you all understand and just know that I haven’t gone anywhere, just am busy with the new house.

    Thank you,

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    Wife/Home should always come first.

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    Massive congratulations. Take the time you need to make the house a home. My wife and I have been working on building/buying a house for a year now, I have to admit we’re a bit jealous. 🙂