Better view of active tasks in Task Management

  • The status bar in Task Management is minimized, i.e. it only show a narrow activity bar. You have to mouse over to have the full info shown. I really cannot see the point in this as the full view (maximized bars) are a lot better and more informative to read. The only reason to have this minimized is perhaps to have a shorter list? If most users stick to max 10 clients at a time and running GUI on large screens I think maximized bars are a better choice.

    What do other users think about this?

  • More specifically, it’s a CSS element that can be edited to your hearts content. The reasoning for the “hide” show is if you’re running multiple tasks, the page would not only be long with it always expanded, but it would also be confusing, potentially, for users to know what host the progress bar is actually for.

    The other issue I see with making this fully expanded is the requests to get it hidden. Is it really that hard to hover over it? I understand the timeout re-hides it which I can look into, but I find the “minimized” bar a good way to see on the fly tracking. I may not know the exact percentage as that’s hidden, but I can still get a rough estimate of how far along the item is.

  • Its a javascript item I would think that could be modified to always show maximized instead of show on hover. I am not familiar enough with javascript to change it myself. The file that looks that would need to be modified to change this is located in /var/www/fog/management/js/fog.tasks.js

  • I agree, it would be handy.
    I think it’s one of those things that doesn’t really matter but would still make things a little nicer.