• I’ve installed the latest version of Fog, on a 12.04 version of Ubuntu. I have been able to upload a few images through this system, but this one in particular I can’t for the life of me get to work.

    Using the same Windows 7 Disc as the other systems I have imaged. I have doe it exactly the same way. Image uploads, and then downloads on the new computer. I’ve tried both single partition, and multiple partition. No matter what it doesn’t work.

    After the Download of the image, it attempts to boot into windows and hangs when the the word ‘Windows’ come up on the screen with the swirling orbs.

    I have run a upload debug and download debug
    [CODE]gdisk -l /dev/sda[/CODE]

    to see the partitions, it only says an MBR is present on both

    I also ran
    [CODE]fixparts /dev/sda[/CODE]

    on both to no avail.

    If I try to boot into any of the modes it just hangs (even safe mode hangs on classpnp.sys)

  • Few possible ideas;

    Was the image uploaded from a VM or a physical computer ?
    Maybe try changing SATA mode to IDE/Compatibility from AHCI if that is available, or - not already set in BIOS.

    chkdsk /f [or /R]
    sfc /scannow