DHCP configuration missing?

  • I am working in an isolated environment with three computers. Everything was fine until I attempted to change the pxe boot menu to allow users to pick their own images to load. Some how after rebooting the FOG server, it no longer issues IP addresses. I’ve looked into the DHCP3 file and do not see anything but folder “dhclient-enter-hooks.d” which holds a samba file.
    I’ve tried to restart the service “sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart” but command line responds “command not found”

  • Thanks Catsrules,
    I figured it out…the files were there already, but since I’ve been switching back and forth to a live network and an isolated network. I’ve been using two network connections with different settings…long story short, I just restarted the machine :oops:

  • Hmm that is strange, your are missing a lot of files.
    /etc/dhcp3 should have
    a folder dhclient-enter-hooks.d
    a folder dhclient-exit-hooks.d
    a file dhclient.conf
    a file dhcpd.conf

    If you want here is my dhcp3 folder
    I think you will just need to edit your dhcpd.conf file, to the subnet you were using.