Modified PHP configurations

  • Afternoon first of all I love fog it is a great free-source imaging solution. I have a couple of minor configuration changes I would like to share. If you want to try them copy them to your install location and re-run installer:
    []Replace HostManagementPage.class.php, ImageManagementPage.class.php, GroupManagementPage.class.php, TaskManagementPage.class.php in the download dir /fog/packages/web/lib/pages
    []Mainly title changes, removed some things that didn’t use, and added image id to ImageManagementPage
    ]Replace BootMenu.class in the download dir /fog*/packages/web/lib/fog
    []Replace in /fog/utils/Boot Image Editor
    [*]This was probably was really the only issue I ran into due to the old boot editor was built for .32 which used different compression.


  • Piracy,

    Most of the web changes I listed were personal preference, but here is a little more detail:

    [U]GroupManagementPage & HostManagementPage[/U]
    I prefer the upload and or deploy and mutlicast to not be right next to each other so I moved the icons around. I also removed the edit button since you can click on the host and it takes you to the same location, along with modifying the download header to Unicast (did the same thing in the TaskManagementPage. With making some of those changes I changed the alignment of the buttons make it line up better

    I added the Image ID back to this page I thought it was useful in the older versions of fog if you do a fare share of full register and deploy directly from a computer since it asks you for a image number. Granted you can find it with “?” but if you have a large list of images or a small screen it might just be easier to know what the number is. I realize this number is auto generated with mySQl and doesn’t really mean much and that is probably why it was removed.

    I removed the edit button off of this screen along with Storage group due to I didn’t use it. Changing Upload to Upload date was also a personal preference.

    I also removed the comment when hovering over Image name and changed it to be on the Image Id to show the description on the image instead of when it was deployed and etc. since it was already on this page.

  • Hi,

    ui look’s interesting 🙂 cadyfish could you explain your changes a little more precise?
    I can see your comments to the changes but what was the personal reason for you to change that things?
    I ask from my personal sight to find clever changes, so i hope you understand my question:

    Example: I use rar because it can compress better then zip but 7zip is better then rar… 😉

    [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 35354, member: 7271”] I can also add a selector to allow “shutdown” from register as well if you all are interested.[/quote]

    Tom me is not all but i am interested.

    Regards X23

  • I kind of figured regarding the management pages I didn’t think it would hurt to ask.

    I like your selection box idea better than the coded option it leaves more universal. Going along that line would it possible to add in iso folder location for the boot menu selection? So say someone wants to add dell diagnostics for example just through it in that folder and fly away:). I realize you can modify the advanced boot menu I think it would just simply the process for others to add items that they may want to utilize.

    Thank you,

  • The ImageMangement, TaskManagement, GroupManagement, and HostManagement pages I haven’t edited as those seem more specific to your needs.

    The BootMenu hasn’t been edited…yet. I’m thinking I’m going to add a “selector” box for the “default” choice option in PXE Settings. That way you can choose for your environment what’s “default”. Seeing as “register” in most cases is only done once per system and the system boots to the local disk after that, in most cases, I think a “selector” would be useful for times of new systems coming in I suppose though. I can also add a selector to allow “shutdown” from register as well if you all are interested.

    I’ve edited the file.

  • Tom I wouldn’t expect you to look through to find differences that would be a pain. These are the changes based off what is in 1.2.0

    l15: replace .gq with .xz and changed location
    cp /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz /tmp/init.xz >/dev/null 2>&1;

    l20: use xz instead of gunzip
    xz --decompress init.xz;

    l45: use xz to compress
    xz -C crc32 -z -c init > init.xz;

    l49: copy to updated location
    cp -f init.xz /var/www/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz;

    L144: changed default boot device after timeout
    $this->defaultChoice = “choose --default fog.reginput --timeout $timeout target && goto ${target}\n”;

    L667: added shutdown command after register
    print “$this->kernel loglevel=4 shutdown=1 $type\n”;

    L51-51:changed the order of the icons, renamed Download to Unicast, removed the edit button
    sprintf(’<a href="?node=group&sub=deploy&type=1&%s=${id}"><span class=“icon icon-download” title=“Unicast”></span></a><a href="?node=group&sub=edit&%s=${id}#group-tasks"><span class=“icon icon-deploy” title=“Deploy”></span></a><a href="?node=group&sub=deploy&type=8&%s=${id}"><span class=“icon icon-multicast” title=“Mutli-cast”></span></a> ‘, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id),
    sprintf(’<a href="?node=group&sub=delete&%s=${id}"><span class=“icon icon-delete” title=“Delete”></span></a>’, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id, $this->id),

    L41: changed header to just delete I didn’t feel like the edit button was necessary I removed it from below changed it to be

    L51-53: modified the order icons didn’t like Upload and Download were right next to each other, removed edit, and changed some of the titles
    ‘<a href="?node=host&sub=deploy&sub=deploy&type=1&id=${host_id}"><span class=“icon icon-download” title=“Unicast”><a href="?node=host&sub=deploy&type=8&id=${host_id}"><span class=“icon icon-deploy” title=“Deploy”></span></a></span></a> <a href="?node=host&sub=deploy&sub=deploy&type=2&id=${host_id}"><span class=“icon icon-upload” title=“Upload”></span></a>’,
    ‘<a href="?node=host&sub=delete&id=${host_id}"><span class=“icon icon-delete” title=“Delete”></span></a>’,

    L61-65: changed icon position layout
    array(‘width’ => 50, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘width’ => 90, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘width’ => 80, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘width’ => 50, ‘class’ => ‘r’),
    array(‘width’ => 20, ‘class’ => ‘r’),

    L35-L39 - edited the header row to include ID, removed Storage group, and renamed Upload to Upload Date
    (‘Image Name’),
    (‘Storage Group’), not used
    _(‘Image Size: ON CLIENT’),
    _(‘Image Size: ON SERVER’),
    _(‘Uploaded Date’),

    L43-55 - Modified the row templates to show ID, changed href, and array attribute
    ‘<a href="?node=’.$this->node.’&sub=edit&’.$this->id.’=${id}" title="’.(‘Notes’).’: ${description}">${name}</a>’,
    (‘Edit’).’: ${name} Last uploaded: ${deployed}">${name}</a>’,
    //’${storageGroup}’, not used
    ‘<a href="?node=’.$this->node.’&sub=delete&’.$this->id.’=${id}" title="’._(‘Delete’).’"><span class=“icon icon-delete”></span></a>’,
    // Row attributes
    $this->attributes = array(
    array(‘width’ => 50, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘width’ => 50, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘width’ => 50, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘width’ => 50, ‘class’ => ‘c’),
    array(‘class’ => ‘c’, ‘width’ => ‘50’),

    L336: changed Deploy header to Unicast

    L358: changed title Download to Unicast
    $deployLink = ‘<a href="?node=tasks&sub=groupdeploy&type=1&id=’.$Group->get(‘id’).’"><span class=“icon icon-download” title=“Unicast”></span></a>’;

    Thank you for your time

  • What, specifically, have you changed? Just wondering if you have a personal changelog. I can edit files and stuff so we can make them “defaults” as needed. I don’t have a ton of time to sit and read each file though, so I hopeyou understand.