Stuck on Upload at the step "Using Hard Drive"

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    I’m trying to upload an image to the server. It boots up fine and at the step when it suppose to upload the /dev/sda it locks. The Fog server itself can download images fine, so I recon it might be a incapability issue?

    I upgrade from FOG 1.1.0 to 1.2.0 yesterday and fixed the mysql error by editing the config.class.php file for the password.

    I’m using the Kernel - 3.14.2 TomElliott

    Anyone got any ideas what might be the issue?

    The Laptop is an Lenovo L440 if that helps.

    EDIT: Apparently it say in the compatibility check I did. That it can’t read the partition. GPT error. So I will do chkdsk on it.
    EDIT2: I got both MBR and GPT on the partition. Trying to find a way to delete the GPT
    EDIT3: Manage to kill it with help of this post [url][/url] and now FOG can show the MBR partition
    EDIT4: Success! Uploading works like a charm again :D

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