• OK So this is a bit of a stretch but hear me out. Or just tell me to piss off.

    I currently don’t have the need, but could see it being useful for other Fog Admins out there who have a large intra-network group whose machines get Uploaded to their fog server on a regular interval. (For backup purposes)

    Now just as a idea template here.

    Remote Site
    Techie end users
    System failure or files are lost or a BSOD that causes some issues, but email is still working through OWA or some other service.
    Unavailable Fog Admin

    The goal is to have a 1 time use script that can be generated by an offsite admin, and emailed to the end user that would schedule a system download to the client machine, and begin a “system restore”, including system restart.

    Now obviously there are some “What if” things here.

    Q. How is the Admin able to generate this script and get it to the end user?

    A. Some times things happen that make us so busy we just don’t get to baby sit every process.

    Q. Secondly why not just give the end user a logon to the server?

    A. Additionally the end user would have to be an admin on the fog server… and well we all know end users.

    Q. What if the end user causes more damage than before hand.

    A. That is a risk the admin will have to take, this is the [I]“I can’t get on site now, but I trust that you know what you’re doing and you need to start from (timestamped image)”[/I] scenario.

    Ideally without the end user having to do anything but boot to iPXE, and then wait.

    Any one else see something like this as being needed?