• I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who works to make FOG and constant improvements that are made. I have had some problems myself and Tom has helped answer a-lot of them. Overall I am glad for FOG it’s a great tool. I have taken classes in programming but to see how in depth it would be to write this… it is in fact impressive. Tom Elliott obviously has some mad programming skills, to be able to write and re-write a kernal… that is pure programming wizardry!

    In short thanks to all the developers and the entire fog team for there efforts.

    -Oscar B. Hilliker M.S.,B.A.S.,A.A.S.,GCISM,GCSE/T,DipCST,Net+,A+,CHD,NCS

  • Also a big thanks from Holland!
    We did make a donation a couple of years ago but I think it’s time for a new donation!

    We’ve been using FOG for almost 4 years now (keeping 400 pc’s up-to-date), It’s really a good product and works great!

    Thanks again!

  • I’d like to piggyback on this. We have been using FOG for a number of years. Prior to that we had Zen and Ghost. We work with approximately 1000 PC’s of constantly changing makes and models spread throughout 15 or so schools and a number of additional offices connected (or not) to those schools. Our very small team of five doesn’t have time for steep learning curves or to tweak and play and optimize and we are all Linux sub-noobs, yet FOG has always managed to do what we absolutely needed it to do. There is much more to FOG than we understand how to use but even so with the help of a great community the capabilities we’ve gained make FOG something we can’t do without. I think that speaks highly of the quality of the product and the amazing skills and commitment of the individuals developing it. THANK YOU ALL!!!

  • I’ve never rewritten a kernel. That’s way too much work, but I do know how to build them.

    Thank you much for the words of encouragement. It does happen from time to time, but many times it feels like the only time we get any recognition for our work is by how many issues there are rather than if things are working well. While feedback is encouraged to help us make a better product, once in a while posts like these help the FOG Development team just know we’re doing a good thing here.

    Will the software always be perfect? No, and that’s why we have releases of software as new technologies arise or better functionality can be adapted, we can try getting it into our imaging software. Sometimes this brings in bugs of unexpected sorts.

    I appreciate the moral boost here and just want to show my gratitude.