SOLVED Auto Display List of Host/Groups/Images

  • I know it is a small thing however I was wondering would it be possible to have FOG display the list of all Hosts, Groups, and Images when you open up the corresponding management.
    Example would be when you click on Host Management icon you are presented with a List of all available Hosts. It could include the search bar located on top with the ability to narrow the list down using a search.
    If it is possible to do this already then how would I go about doing this?

    Thank you

  • I fully agree: default settings for new installations should be values like LIST and 12.

  • Yes.
    Very useful.
    Thanks .

    If it would be activated by default using fog would be much easier for a newbie.
    If he has some day 1000 clients, he’s no newbie anymore and can turn it off 🙂

  • Thank you Tom! I did not notice this feature implementation before now. Nice to have a list of images and auto search in host view!

  • Thank you this is pretty much what i was looking for.

  • This feature set is already existent, in an off shoot kind of way. While I could add a list, the way jquery returns results, to the search page, the search would create a new header and table list.

    You can choose from:
    FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG View Settings->FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN Change from SEARCH or LIST. SEARCH presents with search bar. List lists all the items for that page. There is also another feature in the same DEFAULT_SCREEN item. It’s called: FOG_DATA_RETURNED

    This is done by a number. 0 means disabled. Anything higher, if there’s more than number of items returned, you’re presented with search, other wise you’re given a list. hope that helps.