• I have been using windows deployment services (WDS) for some time and lately have been looking into ways of moving away from it. The university where I work uses a distributed tech plan where a separate group administers the network therefore I have no access to the DHCP server to modify any network settings to allow PXE booting. In the past we were able to create bootable media to boot computers off of flash drives in order to image computers using windows deployment services. I have found some very limited documentation on doing something similar with fog using Syslinux and have had no luck getting it to work. Anyone have and recommendations or further information on how to accomplish something like this? I have setup a flash drive with Syslinux and copied the TFTP files but can’t seem to get a working Init boot file to load.

  • I’m interested in the same documentation because I’m having issues with the new PXE setup and I thought it might be my old hardware.