Cant register host

  • pfsense = router

    FOG server (ubuntu)

    DNS + DHCP = WS2008r2 in [B]VIRTUAL BOX [/B] (bridge network)[B]
    [/B]Windows 7 SOURCE PC = in[B] VIRTUAL BOX [/B](bridge network)[B]
    [/B] All can ping each other

    when I boot my windows7 sourcePC in network… it cant find the FOG server and it EXITs the networkboot

    can you guide me with my setup? whats wrong?

    I tried my WS2008r2 network = Internal… also tried it on Win7sourcePC… nothing change

  • Senior Developer

    We need more information, such as the OS the FOG Server is running on, what version of FOG, what things you’ve tried in relation to the FOG Server. We don’t really care so much about the Win2008 syste. How can’t it find the FOG Server? You don’t get the FOG Menu, tasks don’t run? What have you tried? Have you verified the dhcp and bootfile information is correct?

  • :(

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