• I have been having issues where I can no longer image my Dell 780s. Yesterday I kept getting an error on my Ubuntu 12.04 that said the boot volume was full and it would not install any updates. Did some research and found that there were plenty of old kernels on that was occupying space. Did some research on this and i checked which version i was running and got rid of the rest (not sure if this has anything to do with the issue at hand, but thought I’d details). Now when i try to install a new fog kernel it says “[FONT=Ubuntu][COLOR=#555555]Download Completed! Moving file to TFTP server…” but just hangs there. Please if someone can assist me with this I’d greatly appreciate it. [/COLOR][/FONT]


  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 34467, member: 7271”]What version or revision of fog are you running[/quote]

    im running 1.2.0 revision 2121.

    I did this:

    [COLOR=black][FONT=Tahoma]sudo passwd fog (reset fog user password)[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma]
    [/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Tahoma]then [/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma]
    [/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Consolas]chown -R fog:root /var/www/fog/service/ipxe[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma][/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Consolas]chown -R fog:root /images[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma]
    [/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Consolas]then on FOG interface: [/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma]
    [/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Consolas]Storage Management -> [/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=Ubuntu]Management Username / Password to fog / (**fog user password - same as used on passwd line above)[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma][/FONT][COLOR=black][FONT=Ubuntu]FOG - Configuration ->Settings -> [/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Tahoma]FOG_TFTP_FTP_USERNAME and FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD. (same as user/pass as Storage Management )[/FONT]

    and it seems to be working now. thanks.

  • What version or revision of fog are you running