Upload issue with HP Z230 workstation

  • Hi all,

    Here’s another one: We have an HP Z230 workstation with Windows Server 2012 installed. The system registers with FOG just fine (version 1.2.0). The image I have created in FOG is a Windows 8.1, multiple partition - single disk (not resizable). I’ve used this image configuration for other hardware platforms with Windows Server 2012 with no issues. In this case, when the system boots and begins the upload, I get the following error in the screen cap below. I even reinstalled the OS after deleting the partitions, but it still gives the same error. Any ideas on this one? How can I repair the disk? (I tried a chkdsk 😄 /f), but I’m thinking that’s not what’s required here.


    Please let me know if additional details are needed. This is the last system we need to get inventoried in FOG.



  • No problem. I’ve seen this errors many times before, it’s the only reason I give the suggestions I do.

    Thanks for reporting back.

  • Hi Tom,

    I performed the upload-debug operation and ran the gdisk -l /dev/sda and it reported an issue with GPT being corrupt and did I want to use MBR. I answered yes and now I’m able to upload. I did run the fixparts /dev/sda command but when it reported that it would overwrite the existing partition, I opted out. I’m going to run the system through a couple of upload/download cycles to make sure it’s working ok, but it’s gotten farther than it did before. Thanks, once again, for your assistance!


  • Hi Tom,

    Based on another post in the forums regarding the Z230 (I should have searched first before posting), I pulled the hard drive and put a different one in the system in question and it works fine now. However, I will put the old one in there and try the upload-debug with the gdisk command you suggested to see if I can resurrect the original drive.


  • It’s most likely a problem between MBR and GPT. I’d recommend running in upload-debug and performing a gdisk -l /dev/sda. If all seems correct there, run fixparts /dev/sda and confirm the changes where needed, then rerun the upload.