Exit to Hard Drive Type - issues with Intel Raid On

  • Hi guys,

    I’m wondering if anyone has had trouble or used the Intel Rapid Restore Technology built into the Bios of some Dell Laptops (I’m sure it is in others but I haven’t used them).

    I’m finding when using the Exit to Hard Drive Type in FOG (SAN, Grub, etc.) - The computer hangs when trying to exit the network menu to the Hard drive when the Intel Raid On (Intel Rapid Restore Technology) is switched on.
    When switching modes to AHCI or ATA it works as expected.
    Normally I would switch it but the entire fleet was preloaded with this configuration.

    Also when testing with grub it cannot find any hard drives at all when this is switched on.


  • Yep tried all of them, same issue it just sits there with a blinking dos style dash and hangs.

  • Senior Developer

    Did you try the plain exit type?

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