Make Host direct boot into a advanved menu entry? Executable by WebIf as Task

  • Hi,

    i also use FOG to boot several ISO’s, Recovery Stuff, other Imaging Tools, PE for Windows Installation and so on…
    It would be very nice if i could roll out a Windows Installation from Scratch instead of Up or Downloading an Image.

    I have a prepared PE that mounts a network share and starts a fully automated Windows Installation, with a Dialog which Software to install and some nice stuff.

    Is there a way to Extend the Webif to say instead of immediatelly up or dl for a client i can choose a advanced menu entry and enter a the mac adress for the new device. Then client will be waked up by wol and ipxe will be prepared to serve only for this mac the windows installation pe iso?

    New Notebook for New Employee:
    I put notebook on cable network
    start rollout over fog webif
    after installation has finished, reg the client
    image the client with fog 😉

    Regards X23

  • Hi,

    actually i can customize my menu fully after i found out how it works, but i edit files that will be overwritten when i update fog when a newer svn release arrives. I am going to write me a script that checks if the files i overwrite have changed so i can mention when i need to check the files because i may miss relevant changes to source.

    It would be really cool to have full force over the menu in the webif 😉 Take your time i can wait.

    Regards X23

  • While I understand and can even sympathize with the appeal for this, the idea of fog is to be an imaging solution not a place to just PXE boot things. If and when I can get the boot menu working through hooks,you will be a will to generate your own customizations to do these kinds of things however.

  • Hello,

    I would be interested in doing something similar. In my case I would like to be able to have a registered client boot from a bootable iso when told instead of booting directly to the hard drive.

    Machine A told to boot to B.iso
    Machine A wakes up over LAN
    Machine A is directed to boot from B.iso instead of hard drive.
    Machine A boots from B.iso

    If you figure out a solution please let me know.

    Alex B