Multicast on Fog 1.1.2 running incredibly slowly

  • Hi Guys

    Having spent most of yesterday scouring the web, the wiki and the forum for some help with this and not finding anything specific, thought I’d post the question and see if anyone has the solution. I set two labs imaging yesterday through Fog on a multicast task (around 64 machines), the task runs perfectly, all the PC’s pick up the job and wait until they are all at the same point as they are supposed to. The task kicks off and then settles at around 8-10 MB/min which is phenomenally slow. I can run one machine on unicast and will get speeds of around 2GB/min so I’m baffled as to reason for this. I am aware that there are a number of factors involved in getting good speeds on multicast, i.e. quality gig switches, good cabling, decent server, etc etc, however both the server and the labs are running through HP gigabit switches, all the PC’s in this case are HP DC7900 desktops (not new I know but not ancient). The server also not new but powerful enough I would have thought to cope (HP Proliant ML370 G4) 6Gb RAM, 2x Dual Core Intel Xeon Processors, gigabit PCI-X network adaptor etc.

    I know that multicasting is traditionally a touch slower than unicast anyway although I’m sure it shouldn’t be this slow? We have moved to Fog from Symantec Ghost as I cannot abide Ghost and it is pricey as hell and nowhere near as good as Fog in just about every way imaginable, however, multicast imaging these same machines on Ghost gives me speeds of around 1.7 GB/min. Seems odd that Fog won’t do the same on the same hardware.

    Have I missed a setting somewhere? Any help greatly received 🙂