• Fog Version 1.2.0
    When creating a task in the GUI e.g Download or Upload or Hardware Inventory etc. It takes at least 30 seconds to complete and display a message saying the task has been created. Creating a multicast task with 30 hosts takes an age…All hosts, don’t even go there!
    This was never the case with our old 0.32 setup.
    Anyone else got this problem? Any help to sort would be much appreciated.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, the fog sever is connected to the internet via a proxy, but the proxy port the server connects to is unauthenticated (locked down only but network acls)

    I’ve just tried removing the proxy information and this seems to have fixed the issues (both slow task creation and the multicast grouping issue)

    Thanks for your help!

  • Then I’m thinking that’s what the delay is you’re having. It’s not reaching internet properly. Is the proxy requiring Username Password authentication and is this setup in your FOG GUI? Is the DNS forwarder setup correctly on the Proxy?

  • It connects to the internet via a proxy.

  • Is this an isolated network, or is the FOG Server able to connect to the internet?

  • Thanks Sully,
    Yes, the time it takes from clicking the button “Create ‘Multi-Cast’ task for group ‘x’” is taking around 30 seconds before the message saying the task has been created appears (in green box). Used to be almost instant in version 0.32.
    We have restarted the fog server but still have the same issue. Anything else we can try?

  • Hey

    Just to rule out the obvious, I assume that your referring the the amount of time its taking the requests to be handled between the browser and your fog server. Maybe a server restart as point 1 might be in order if you haven’t already done it. Requests to the webserver might just be lagging and maybe a restart would clear that. (I know it sounds a lot like the old adage, turn it off and on again lol, but sometimes the simplest solutions are often the correct ones.)

    Hope this helps