Client text backgroud-foreground colors in fog 1.2.0

  • Hi,
    it has been a change in the client text display when doing a task. Now text font is white and background red. Excuse me to say it’s not a comfortable view to some users eyes, so is there an easy way to change it to the previous colors?



  • I understand why this is an issue but cannot explain why it’s happening. Especially as this seems to be a one off problem. While some systems seem to be more prone to this than others it’s still a very strange issue. Part of the strangeness of the issue is it doesn’t actually appear to affect the imaging process in any way. It ultimately is just colors. If I knew what’s causing it, and my suspicion is with the frame buffer console, I might be able to get a fix for this. Again, while I understand the issue it doesn’t appear to actually interfere with the imaging process.

  • It’s still happening to my in some clients occasionally. But in the next boot screen colors are right.
    So very difficult to find the cause.

  • Is that not the screen of PartImage, not PartClone ?

    And yah… as someone who has red/green colour perception deficiency, it’s hard on the eyes. o_O

  • I am seeing the exact same screen on every client I image. Is there a way to fix this? It is hard to read! So far, all of my clients have been Dell Optiplex machines. Most are the Optiplex 755.

  • Hi,
    not happened again. So sure it was related to something occasional.
    Thanks anyway.

  • 🙂
    I don’t think so because guy who told me is serious, but it is also true that I was rebooting fog servers and perhaps the client get wrong parameters.
    Sorry, we are going to make more tests to discard it.

  • That looks more like the monitor is showing in inverted colors rather than the normal colors. I did not make a change to how partclone gets displayed. Maybe somebody’s playing a joke with you?

  • Hi Tom,
    here is an image of what I mean.


  • I don’t know that I fully understand what you mean. Did somebody change the color views on your setup? I ask this because I’m still seeing the background as the picture and the color of the text is green (if registered) and red if not registered.