Sanpins started before joindomain reboot in multicast deployment

  • Hi people,
    our environment is Fog 1.2.0 with one central Fog and three storage repositories, all of them with ubuntu 12.
    We have noticed the in multicast deployments (not seen it unicast at the moment) snapin download and execution begins just after domain join but before machine reboot.
    That causes the reboot happens while snapin execution so snapin is sometimes applied, sometimes not.
    Have you notice that? A possible bug?
    Here follows a log trace:

    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::HostnameChanger [B]Domain Join was successful![/B]
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::HostnameChanger Computer is about to restart.
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::GUIWatcher Message found, attempting to notify GUI!
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::GUIWatcher Dispatch Failed!
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Reading config settings…
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Reading of config settings passed.
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Starting Core processing…
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Operating System ID: 6
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Operating System Minor: 1
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug MAC ID 0 10:60:4B:74:CE:86
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug MAC POST String: 10:60:4B:74:CE:86
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug No user is currently logged in
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Hostname: ETSEIAT-PC34-11
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Attempting to open connect to: [url][/url]
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Server responded with: Hello FOG Client
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::MODDebug Module has finished work and will now exit.
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::GUIWatcher Message found, attempting to notify GUI!
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::GUIWatcher Dispatch Failed!
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient Snapin Found:
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient ID: 729
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient RunWith: c:\windows\system32\cmd
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient RunWithArgs: /c
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient Name: ETSEIAT_ACTIVAR_OFFICE2013KMS
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient Created: 2014-07-22 10:03:56
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient Args:
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient Reboot: No
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::SnapinClient [B]Starting FOG Snapin Download[/B]
    22/07/2014 15:24 FOG::GUIWatcher Message found, attempting to notify GUI!



  • OK, that makes sense. Probably snapins began too soon.
    I will check that, thanks.

  • Senior Developer

    I didn’t create the codebase for any of the dll’s so I don’t know, but based on your results here, the restart isn’t happening immediately upon the hostname/ad join procedure, so the FOG Client files wouldn’t know anything about the reboot operation in queue.

  • Hi,

    your right we are using a modified SnapinClient.dll and config.ini file to increment check interval.

    In config.ini we have checkingtime=307 in snapinclient section.
    In SnapinClient.dll we changed the line “int intSleep = r.Next(50,80)” as suggested in an old post

    But in any case, I thought snapin execution was postponed after changename and domainjoin, so that times didn’t affect.
    Was I wrong?

  • Senior Developer

    Are you using a customized SnapinClient.dll file? I ask this because it looks like the Snapinclient is running way earlier than it should be. Normally there is about a 5 - 8 minute wait before the snapinclient actually tries to do anything. Your snapinclient looks like it checked in WAY before this time.

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