• We are a public school and have been successfully running FOG to manage our Windows and Linux machines for about 4 years. Unfortunately, last week our FOG server failed to come back online after a reboot. The Ubuntu install started giving us a Busybox error and then we thought we had that resolved but stated getting grub errors. The decision has been made to reinstall Ubuntu and FOG from scratch. We have been able to pull the Images off the old server and not we are looking for the database files. Is there a way to recover the database files and import them into a new FOG server? I really do not have the time to re-register all machines and images in the entire school district.


  • if you can boot the system with a live cd you may be able to gain access to the /var/lib/mysql folder. While this isn’t the best means to backup your database systems, it will work to at least get your hosts and image definitions back. If you can copy the entire contents of this folder you’ll be much better off.