• Hello,

    I have 20 Dell E6400 (some E6410s) that I’m having an issue deploying a Win 7 32-bit image onto. We have two FOG servers here. One that runs 0.32 and one that runs 1.1.2. We have been using both successfully for a while with different kernels, but can;t seem to get these Dell’s to image. We’ve tried Kernels 3.6.9, 3.13.4, and the latest published kernels. All of which come back without different issues. All with AHCI, ATA, IRRT (IDE not available) w/ different versions of the BIOS (original to latest)Some issues: Kernel Panic, Unformatted Task Completed screen (without an image deployment). I can deploy the image to a Lenovo that we have here with no problem. Any ideas?

  • [U][B]Regarding 1.1.2:[/B][/U]
    I would suggest upgrading 1.1.2 to 1.2 and then making sure your DHCP is pointed towards undionly.kpxe for that server. With the 6400 model I noticed undionly.kkpxe doesn’t work. The default kernel should work in 1.2 if not go to fog settings>update kernel>unpublished kernels and install the 3.16*