Setting up a FOG server with autotasks

  • I want to setup a FOG server with autotasks. Not sure this is possible but any input would be helpful. Standard Fog server on a Dell 6410 80GB HDD, 2GB RAM, Ubuntu 14.X. Closed network (no internet connection), I want to configure the FOG server so that when the client laptops connect to the closed network they boot PXE from the FOG server. The Server will do a hardware inventory of the client and log the info and then run dban and wipe the client. Does FOG have that capability?

  • Actually I do mean the same system. I have several hundred systems that need to be wiped and then donated to local schools and or charities. But before they can be donated they must be inventoried to include hard drive serial #

  • Senior Developer

    It does have the capability though probably not exactly as you describe it.

    I’m going to guess, however, that you don’t mean the same system?

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