• Is there a way to get fakeRaid to work with FOG? I have been using FOG in our lab for a few months without problems, however, one of our 2008R2 laptops is setup on RAID0 (Dell M6400). I am hoping to FOG this, but get a Fatal Error: Hard Drive not found error when trying to upload an image to my FOG server. I tried the default kernel with .32 and the latest 3.2.4.core kernel with same errors.

    I noticed I can load latest gparted and it sees the raid and I can manipulate the partitions from within gparted, and have successfully (I had removed the hidden system partition and was expanding C:\ back over it) … So I am assuming I can get somewhere with a custom kernel? Any help or ideas? OR is it just not possible?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hmmm. No answer. So I will just use Windows backup… not the best solution, but it will have to suffice.