DB updates

  • I was trying to make add a new menu item in the fog settings called LDAP settings. These settings are supposed to be for a way to perform a LDAP bind. anyway, I added a row:
    INSERT INTO globalSettings (settingID, settingKey, settingDesc, settingValue, settingCategory)
    VALUES (‘108’, ‘FOG_LDAP_Username’, ‘Username to Bind’, ‘default’, ‘LDAP Settings’);
    Once i added this row, it doesnt do anything. so i tried editing a current row but nothing changed. i tried restarting the apache and mysql service as well as the whole server. nothing changed. can you help me?

  • Hey Tom, Thanks for all your work on fog btw. I was just updating the database on my own directly through the console.[S] I’m not sure how to use the schema update. I did a quick search and didnt come up with anything.[/S]

    I guess i should also ask if you are working on adding LDAP support for users to log in?

    edit: So i just had a quick peek at the schemaupdater php file and realized how to use it. I’m still not clear as to why the direct database editing didnt work but i’ll take what i can get.

  • Senior Developer

    I don’t know if I fully understand.

    Are you trying to do this through schema update or just on your own?

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