Install and operation was fine, until mysql_secure_installation afterward.

  • So,

    Have I set the password in the wrong location?
    Please help! Thanks.

  • Senior Developer

    You can grant and rerun with the new settings, just place them in the .fogsettings.

  • Awesome. You rock so much. Ran installer. Installer says go to webpage and click button. Clicked button…

    Update not required, your database schema is up to date!

    However, are there plans to separate fog permissions from the root mysql user or can I grant/create/specify another user (fog) and rerun the installer with those settings? I have a ton of other questions. Need to read the forums I guess. Thanks again.

    Changed username value in /opt/fog/.fogsettings and reran installer. Seems to be working great.

  • Senior Developer

    Have you tried re-running the installer. The .fogsettings file is only used for updates/upgrades so while you set the password there, the config.class.php file has not had it running yet.

    Re-running the bin/ file will not cause you to lose any data either.

    The password=“68d2b7” is the linux fog user’s password as set at install time.

    Hopefully this helps.

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