New Install - iPXE + DNSMASQ Issues

  • After a round of Ubuntu Installs and searching these forums I’m throwing this out there to see if anything rings a bell. My FOG box is now Ubuntu 12.04 with FOG 1.1.2 installed and DNSMASQ configured for ipxe (to proxydhcp and not deal with our central campus dhcp modifications). In FOG I installed the latest TOM kernel official update.

    On a Dell optiplex 960, I’m able to pxe boot and presented with the “press f8 to boot from network”. Pressing F8 loads what looks like an ipxe setup screen then the system reboots and will loop this process never entering fog

    On a Dell optiplex 9020, it will not detect the FOG box at all for pxe booting - acts like there is no server there and returns the “PXE-E52: proxy DHCP offers were received. No DHCP offers were received. PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent. Selected boot device failed.”

    On a previous FOG test; I setup an isolated network and had fog 1.1.0 installed on Ubuntu 14 with FOG dhcp server enabled and was able to pxe boot and image the Optiplex 9020’s fine.

    I feel like I’m so close to getting this to work - all replies appreciated!

  • update

    I’m noticing some bizarre activity troubleshooting this fog box, going to reinstall fog and post results.

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