FOG Project new version 1.1.2

  • Hello everyone,
    I just installed new release and from the very beginning i have a few questions.

    1. where is pxe menu located - in 0.32 it was in default
    2. every time i tried to bootover the PXE i was getting an error and system just started from HDD
      I’ll give you an example of my configuration.
      Router (
      Server ( and ( - this card will be used as a FOG server)
      DHCP on Server up and running ( - - so address range wide enough)
      Whatever i do it still won’t work and i still getting an error while booting any machine over PXE.

    Also i have a problem with update scheme on 0.32 i just installed from the scratch whole system including FOG
    restored database from backup before update/upgrade database scheme and now it won’t work at all.
    However it works perfectly fine over PXE as before but because of the update problem i can’t save new images or update existing ones.

    Any suggestions ?

  • Thank you for quick response.
    So will be this old pxe menu still available ?
    It’s very important for me.
    I’m using it in my company and it’s much easier to use this menu instead setting up everything through the web interface.
    I’m asking because is not completely clear how this new menu works.
    For now i got main menu
    so when you choose a brand (HP) will appear the list of available images:
    and scrolling up/down you can choose exact image for machine you intending to imaging.
    This is most important for me.
    Of course you know how it works 🙂
    Anyway i’ll check everything after the weekend.
    I have no access to the server atm.

  • Senior Developer

    1. PXE is now dynamically generated. There is no such thing as “default” file anymore. It’s generated by the file: /var/www/{fogwebdir}/lib/fog/BootMenu.class.php
    2. Did you update the Option 67/filename to point at undionly.kpxe?

    If you have a “backup” of the database, I’d recommend completely uninstalling fog and install 0.32, then just install 1.1.2 over 0.32, rather than a “fresh” install. Things should go much smoother.

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