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  • I have recently upgraded to 1.1.2

    Not quite as painless as I’d hoped but most of it works well now.

    1. Task Management - Active Snapins show a massive list, probably a list of all Snapins for all computers. I was expecting it to only show the Actively being deployed snapins.

    Apache Error

    Mon Jul 07 12:04:38 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/favicon.ico
    [Mon Jul 07 12:07:24 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/fog/management/css/…, referer: [url][/url]

    1. After the initial upgrade
      default on the line
      chain [url]http://ip-address/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params[/url]
      The ip address was incorrect

  • Thanks I’ll get all my current requests for Snapins using my work around deployed then I’ll try out the latest SVN version.

  • Senior Developer

    SVN 2052 released in an attempt to “scan” which method and where the file exists.

    This should help your particular problem out.

  • The snapin has the full path.


    This was a plain upgrade from 0.32 where everything was working fine. So something has broken this in the 1.* series.
    The path has the full location in the SQL record.

  • Senior Developer

    In your snapin, where specify the file on the GUI, does it show the same path, or just the filename itself. This should only be the filename which is the reason you see the get of the setting.

  • In


    Line 31 I changed

    $SnapinFile = rtrim($FOGCore->getSetting(‘FOG_SNAPINDIR’),’/’).’/’.$Snapin->get(‘file’);


    $SnapinFile = $Snapin->get(‘file’);

    As the path to the file was being included twice.

  • Investigations so far…

    When trying to run a snapin

    The FOG Client calls

    This then returns a list of waiting snapin jobs for the client in the format below

    JOBCREATION=2014-07-11 11:42:47
    SNAPINNAME=Office 2010 plus Patch
    The client then calls


    Where the task ID was reported from the checkin.php result

  • Ok it looks like it picked up some old config from

    /var/www/fog/lib/fog/Config.class.php old IP address was current is

    I am using the latest 1.1.2

    The fog log from the workstation, where I have now managed to get everything working except the plugins…

    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Attempting to connect to fog server…
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Module is active…
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Snapin Found:
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient ID: 2091
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient RunWith:
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient RunWithArgs:
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Name: Office 2010 plus Patch
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Created: 2014-07-11 11:42:47
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Args:
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Reboot: No
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Starting FOG Snapin Download
    11/07/2014 14:21 FOG::SnapinClient Download Failed; Zero size file.

  • Senior Developer

    Are these actually running properly?

    The chain [url]http://ip-address/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params[/url] should be correct. It should be the ipaddress you specified during the install process. If this isn’t correct, then somebody else made an error or this is a new ip address.

    Logs are logs, they’re there to help, not necessarily everything is a problem. Those particular messages are safe to ignore.

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