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  • Hello,

    I have two drive on the same server so I have create a second group and a second storage.
    First storage was on the default “/images” directory and a second one was a “/images2” directory (mount on the 2nd drive).

    I planned to set the first storage display in list on “/images2” in the meaning to set it as main storage and not have to change storage when we create image.
    So, I have edited the storage (the one create with fog) to move it to a “/images2” directory and put the second storage to “/images”.

    When i tried to upload images on it, it’s says that it can’t mount “/images2/dev” on “/images”.
    So moved back to original conf : storage made by fog link to “/images” and new storage link to “/images2”.
    I upload fine image on the first one but i still have the error to upload on “/images2”.

    How can i set up my main storage to “/images2” or just make it work ?
    Do i have to edit Config.class.php ?

    Thank you.

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  • Even deleting the default node to avoid to use it when images2 node is active, fog keeps trying to use it.

    Jul 3 17:12:19 srv-fog in.tftpd[16789]: tftp: client does not accept options
    Jul 3 17:12:33 srv-fog rpc.mountd[1760]: authenticated mount request from for /images2/dev (/images2/dev)

    edit :
    I find out that i had to put the main node in first in exports file and not second.
    Since it’s the same datastore, it will use the first it an access.

  • First i was think it was the created task as you said so i restarted it but it’s the same.
    In syslog it’s requested to mount the /images2/dev but temp data end on /images/dev and image end in /images.
    This is pretty crazy.

  • Doesn’t look to work, i’m uploading a computer with image set to “images2” and temp data are in the “/images/dev”



  • Senior Developer

    That’s done at tasking time. If the image is on the group/node that points at /images2/dev what’s sent to mount is IPOFFOG:/images2/dev

    If it’s pointing on the group/node that’s looking at /images/dev it sends the mount point at: IPOFFOG:/images/dev

  • And how make it use the right dev folder from the storage chosen to avoid transfer between drive ?

  • Senior Developer

    In the init it uses /images/ and /images/dev. This is because from the client side it creates a folder on the client and mounts the NFS to that folder. Hopefully that makes sense.

  • It’s working !
    Yet, it still use “/images/dev”.
    I think i missed something.

  • Senior Developer


    This is the file that tells what folders to open through nfs.

  • What do you mean by “exports file” ?
    I think this is what i missed because I had already made the dev directory, copied the .mntcheck with cp and set to 777.

  • Senior Developer

    No you do not.

    You must create the images2/.mntcheck images2/dev and images2/dev/.mntcheck stuff.
    [code]mkdir -p /images2/dev
    touch /images2/{.mntcheck,/dev/.mntcheck}
    chmod -R 777 /images2[/code]

    Then you’ll need to change the exports file to allow mounting.

    Simply copy the two lines for the /images directories and paste them below the original two lines. Edit the /images part on the last two lines and make them point to /images2 rather than /images.

    Restart your nfs service, or reboot your system, whichever is easiest for you.

    You will then need to edit your images so you can point which group you want each to be stored on.

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