Migrated images won't deploy

  • Hi all,
    I have seen other threads related to this issue, but those are not this exact situation… so I hope that it is okay to start a new one.

    When re-building FOG boxes, migrated images will not deploy. I’ve re-built a FOG box from Ubuntu -> XUbuntu and copied the images over manually, but when you try to deploy it says:

    Failed to create deployment tasks for the following Hosts
    To setup download task, you must first upload an image

    This must be because this image has never been uploaded to this installation of FOG, but rather manually copied over to the /images directory from an old FOG installation, but I’m wondering if someone has a workaround for this…

    Not being able to manually migrate images between FOG installations (without re-uploading) seems like a big issue…

    In theory, shouldn’t FOG just check that the image and path exist, and start the task? Why would it require that the image be re-uploaded? It must be checking “Last Uploaded” under the image definition and seeing that it is 0000-00-00 00:00:00 and thinking that the image does not exist…

    I’ve checked image name/path/filename, etc. all are correct.

    XUbuntu 14.04 x64
    FOG 1.1.2


  • Okay, I did something dumb, but learned something new…

    In XUbuntu the password for the actual Linux user fog does not create/synchronize - This can be found under Storage Management, Default Member, Management Password - this should be the actual GUI login password for user fog in the Linux OS.

    This password is randomly generated, and inserted in this field, and can be used to log in as user fog, although I’ve almost never need to do that. Instead of just changing the Linux login password to the randomly generated password found on the Web UI, Storage Management, Default Member, Management Password (which would have been smarter) I just changed this field to a common administrator password. I then made this common administrator password the actual login password for user fog on the Linux installation, and this issue is solved…

    Just thought that I would post what happened,

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