FOG 1.1.2 creat new Storage management

  • Hello,
    I am running FOG 1.1.2 ond ubuntu 14.04 lts and I am trying to connect to Asus Nas M-25 for storage management.
    And I allways get “failed to connecto to”

    I got NFS activated and maped in NAS
    I have a folder just for FOG.

    Dont know what I could be doing wrong

  • Well, I was doing it all wrong.
    I just installed ubuntu on another server, and created a node.
    The instalation gave me the user and the pass for that node, but now when I add another storage to fog it cant connect to the graphics

    but I go the info from the server
    [CODE]General Information
    Storage Node teste
    Kernel 3.13.0-30-generic
    Hostname fognod1
    Uptime 16:30:15 up 11 min, 2 users, load average: 0.01, 0.12, 0.14
    CPU Type GenuineIntel
    CPU Count 8
    CPU Model Intel® Xeon® CPU E5335 @ 2.00GHz
    CPU Speed 1995.017
    CPU Cache 4096 KB
    Total Memory 12016
    Used Memory 612
    Free Memory 11404
    File System Information
    Total Disk Space 263.95 GiB
    Used Disk Space 4.37 GiB
    Network Information
    eth0 Information
    eth0 TX 554.07 KiB
    eth0 RX 13.59 KiB
    eth0 Errors 0
    eth0 Dropped 1284
    eth1 Information
    eth1 TX 574.5 KiB
    eth1 RX 39.71 KiB
    eth1 Errors 0
    eth1 Dropped 0
    lo Information
    lo TX 2.92 KiB
    lo RX 2.92 KiB
    lo Errors 0
    lo Dropped 0[/CODE]

  • No, its installed in a VMWare.
    I gave the first disk 20 GiB and have free 9 Gib and that’s useless for saving isos
    I tried connecting to a Asus NAS but i wont connect

  • Senior Developer

    Is FOG installed on the NAS?

    FOG Uses a file in {fogwebdir}/status/freespace.php passed to the node to get the disk space.

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