• i am a new in fog project
    and i don’t know how to manage it
    first qustion i need
    before install fog project in my pc
    is that must close dhcp from my router and make it manual ?
    thecond qustion
    when i install the fog in vmware it dosn’t boot form the local nework
    i don’t know why ?

    pleas i need help

  • If you are new to FOG, I would recommend that you set it up that that it sends out the DHCP request (The default value) This is a good way to get your feet wet with FOG. Once comfortable you can always setup a new server once you are comfortable with the test server and actually point it to your real DHCP server. If you install FOG on VMware player/workstation make sure that in your NIC settings that you have it set as Bridged and not NAT. Bridged will allow your server to pull a real IP from your network where NAT will hand out a “fake” IP based on your network.

    If you are new to FOG, I strongly recommend using all default values when installing FOG on a test server, especially when MySQL is installing. If you put in a password at this point you’ll need to configure other files to match your password. Leaving everything blank will create an encrypted password that will automatically add itself to the correct files.