Preserving Data Partition D: on subsequent re-imaging

  • Hi All,

    My organization is mostly a Mac and Linux shop and i have built SOEs for both of those OS’s.
    We have roughly 20 odd Windows machines around the place with various hardware from various vendors
    and I have decided to finally give the windows people some love and build a SOE for them.

    Now in the Linux and OSX SOE’s I have always separated the user data from the operating system and applications onto separate partitions so that the machines can be re-imaged easily without the need to backup the users data before restoring it. I was hoping to do the same with the Windows 7 clients as well.

    The current partition setup on Win7 machines that have been built by hand is as so:

    /dev/sda1 (100MB)
    /dev/sda2 (between 50-120GB) System 😄
    /dev/sda3 (Remainder of the Disk) 😧

    Samba4 AD Group Policy is configuring machines to currently place the Users folder onto D:\Users\

    Is it possible to have FOG only destroy the sda1 and sda2 partitions and leave the sda3 (D: Partition in tact) On re-imaging the client?

    Thanks in advance,


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