Storage Node quirk

  • When I ran the install and set up as a storage server the install went great and then you have to have the password that you put into the master server in order for them to talk. However… mine shows as blank!

    Setup complete!

    You still need to setup this node in the fog management
    portal. You will need the username and password listed

    Management Server URL:

    You will need this, write this down!

    Script done, file is /var/log/foginstall.log
    Does anyone know where I might find this password or can i just edit the mysql password to something that I know?

  • Well that’s weird… I don’t have a .fogsettings file, none the less I changed the fog account password and now my images are being replicated successfully. Thanks again for your help!

  • Senior Developer

    Check the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file.

    The line with password should be the user password on the system and the username should just be fog.

    Worse comes to worse you can set your own user and password for these actions. Chances are more likley that the fog user already exists so you can change the fog user password with:
    [code]sudo passwd fog[/code]

    It will prompt you for the user password if you’re a user other than root, enter that, then it will ask for Enter New Password and Confirm New Password, what you type in these fields will be the password you need to load the node.

    The username should be fog
    the password should be whatever you set above.

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