Change config.ini of FOG Service after cloning Win7

  • Hey,
    we have several offices on different locations and i want to have only one image for all offices.
    Thhe problem is the config.ini on the client with the ipaddress of the FOG Server.
    Is there any possibility to change the config.ini after cloning a machine?

    An idea is to write a batch-file which checksthe location over the DHCP IP and write the server ipaddress to the config.ini, but i don’t know how to implement that.

    Does anyone have some experience with that? How should be the script and how do i get them running after the cloning process?

    Thank you.

  • Another idea is to use the hostname… but this also dont work, cause i have to use the FQDN and our domain names are different in every office :/…

    When i find any solution to do that with one image i will post it here

    Thank you for your answers Tom.

  • That makes sense. I didn’t know it couldn’t find the original server ip it initiated the install.

    One way you could fix this is to correct the image. This would be the best method at least in your scenario. I’m working on implementing a new feature into the imaging process that may be of use for this as well. Basically, after image is complete, you can have some “post download scripts” run that you could create a script to mount the main data partition, locate and edit the config.ini file on the fly.

    That’s in the soon future, but not implemented in 1.1.2 so the “easiest” method is for you to correct the image itself. Once the one image is complete and correct, just push that image to the rest of the systems that need the correction and all should work.

  • Mh, i think that dont work.

    I have my portable FOG Server running in a VM. On every office in change the IP of the server. When i have change the serverip and clone a machine, they dont find the server, cause in the config.ini are still the old ip, so they cant get this update.

    Did is miss something?

  • The easiest method of changing this is to upload a fixed version of the config.ini into the clientupdater portion of the GUI. Restart your clients and they will download and insert the new config.ini file. After they get this new file, you’ll likely have to restart the clients one more time, but after that all should work fine and you don’t have to recreate your image for a simple text file edit.