Re-adding a client and getting errors

  • hi All,

    been searching about for an answer to this all morning but cant find anything , i have just built a fog server on linux mint 11 and is running great , i followed the instructions to add a machine to images , but it was failing , i noticed that i had used the quick invetory option by mistake…

    so ideleted the entry on the fog consoile and the image , but it continues to boot and look to the fog server and then fails , it wont allow me the options to run the inventory anymore

    is there a way to get back to it … just as if i was starting toimage a new machine from scratch …

    any help would be great

  • Add the machine into fog manually, then send any task to it. through the web console. eg, an inventory task. this should clear the old task out of the data base.

  • hi ,

    sorry was off for a few days there , just back in the office , i have cleared out the tasks and any machine entries i could see but still boots to the FOG client( unless i select HDD) , as you say i dont get the option to carry out inventory etc…


  • Could there be an active task still running for that machine? You might have to kill it before anything else happens.

    If I’m understanding correctly, the target machine is starting the PXE boot, but isn’t getting to the list of options for inventory/memtest/etc. ?