Fog VM 0.32 stuck on "Current running fog version: 0.32"

  • Hi Guys, my vm Fog is not going any further then “Current running fog version: 0.32”

    It’s been running ok for the last month, and i upgraded to 0.32 last year without any problems. I’ve restarted the vm and the server a few times since then, but only just today its got stuck on this…

    Any Ideas… would hate to have to start again… Some of these images are… a lot of work…

  • This post is deleted!

  • Its ok now. I’ve nuked the whole server, and started again. I found i was having other problems so it was just easier to start again. thanks for the help. :)

  • When exactly does it stop?
    If its before you can login you can try switching to a different terminal window (by using alt+f1-6) and see if login becomes available.

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