Some error checking when editing host name

  • I have some hosts names host1, host2, host3 etc

    When I do a rename of one of the host, like changing host2 to host1 there is no warning/error telling the host name already exists. I click the Update button and all seams right (if the host name exists is is not really changed, but it is easy to not notice this).

    Could there be some kind of pop up box telling the host did not changed name: host name exists. ?

    Today I did some renaming and 6 hosts were not renamed because I did not notice the input field stayd unchenged after I hit Update.

  • Hm, I did not notice it as I had to scroll down to access the Update button.

  • Senior Developer

    At the top of the page, it spit’s out “Host name already exists.”

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