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  • We currently have several images from XP, Vista, Win.7 and Win 8. Each computer has several languages along with 32x and 64x on a separate partition. I would like to know if it is possible to load each image on the 1st partition and image to FOG using setting “single partition” only allowing the 1st to be imaged?

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    As for the 1st question…looks like it might not work since all HD are different sizes as well. That’s ok it shouldn’t take too long to create images…(job security) ;)[/quote]

    Yeah if i have different size drives, I use the smallest drive use all of the space. Then on the bigger drives set it up exactly like the smaller drive, leaving the extra space unallocated

    But it sucks because you loose that extra space on the bigger drives.

  • Thanks, I like the option of choosing what Image from the pxe menu I’ll give this a try when I get back to work this week.

    As for the 1st question…looks like it might not work since all HD are different sizes as well. That’s ok it shouldn’t take too long to create images…(job security) ;)

  • Ahh Yes you can do that, but you need to modify some stuff to get it working.

    You need to add the images to the fog menu, so you can pick them from the menu. Here is the instruction on how to do that.
    Make sure you go to bottom of the page, to get the newer instructions, and not the old instructions.

    For the 1st partition and not the whole disk, you need to have you images on multiple partition single disk. Then upload it. It will upload all partitions, this is ok. When it is completed you need to go in to the fog server, and look at the files for your images, there should be a separate file for each partition. You just need to delete the secondary partition file. Now when you deploy it your images, it will error out when it tries to deploy the secondary partition image, and not erase anything on that partition.
    But the partitions need to be exactly the same, or fog will erase them.

  • Each computer has to have an opportunity to load different images for software and hardware testing. N. Ghost allows us to create and save the images to the 2nd partition for the user to pick and load the one they require for that system at that time.
    We would like have the user download any image that is required for each system from FOG.
    Is there a way I could set up a PXE boot menu that would allow this?

    The 1st question was if we could use the current images and have FOG just save the 1st partition instead of the whole disk. I don’t think it would work due to Win$ and different driver packs required.

  • Sorry but I am still confused.

    Are you trying to create multiboot computer (So when they boot up you just pick the OS you want from a menu). Or are you trying to make a image for each OS you can deploy to all of the computers? Or trying to do something different.

  • Just looking to save time from reinstalling each O/S one at a time. If I can just copy the 1st partition with the O/S that could be used for multi-deployment.

  • Not sure if I understand this correctly, So you have multiple partitions on each computer. one partition you want the OS installed on, and the others partition(s) holds your Norton ghost images and you want them left alone. Is that correct?

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